Sunday, July 29, 2012

Our new house

This is a video of what the house looked like when we bought it. We didn't take pictures so this video is the best we've got of a "before" shot. And admittedly the house probably looked better "before" than "after," but the woman was an interior designer and I am not. Enjoy the music!

I haven't gotten around to decorating most of the walls yet (and let's be honest, it may take a year or two), but I wanted to post some pictures anyway:

Living room:

Bedroom (Note: I am also not a photographer):


Family room:


Upstairs bathroom:

Kid's room:

Hello Georgia!

Leaving on a mid-day plane to Georgia:

First meal in the new house:

Exploring our backyard:

Playing with boxes:

Fourth of July celebrating:

New Friends:

There is a zoo right by our house:

(kids checking out a tortoise)

Helping dad paint:

Georgia's finest frozen yogurt:

Slip and slide on the Georgia athletic equipment:

Bluegrass festival in the Georgia mountains with Jared's great college friend, Tyler and his awesome wife Ariel who live in Atlanta. Thank goodness for old friends to help us feel at home:

New York City

Lovely two weeks in the homeland. Oh how I have missed the city!

First stop: Shake Shack/Levain

FAO Schwartz:

Walking in the park in a heat wave:

Our favorite playground in the summer:

Hi-line and evidence of a day happily spent shopping in SoHo:

Playing in mid-town water fountains at dusk:

Mr. Softee and Sal telling the kids stories:

Times Square:

Washington Sq. Park (could have used this in law school):

Roller coaster in the car:

Ramona wanting some peace and quiet:

Darius graduates from high school and heads out to BYU: